About PermaDri Coatings Inc.

PermaDri Coatings Inc. is one of the USA’s preeminent manufacturers of waterproofing and corrosion protection products. Our coatings were founded in Canada and have been sold internationally for the past 20 years.  PermaDri coatings are hailed for their easy application, rapid curing time and eco-friendly composition. Our specialty coatings serve in a wide variety of applications including: roofing, below grade waterproofing, construction, corrosion protection, marine, landscape, industrial and agricultural. Our extensive product line for roofing and waterproofing applications includes: Rubber Coat, Acritech, Rubber Spray, Rubber Patch, and Super Reflecto White.

Redefining the meaning of simplicity, PermaDri coatings are easily applied using a brush or roller. Our coatings typically cure within 24-48 hours (depending on application thickness, temperature and relative humidity). PermaDri’s entire product line is non-toxic and completely free of VOCs. Therefore, PermaDri coatings are environmentally-friendly and applicator-friendly (no special protective equipment is necessary during application). PermaDri coatings are highly resilient as they are UV resistant and impervious to many chemicals. In addition, PermaDri products are versatile as they adhere to virtually any surface: wood, metal, foam, concrete, tile, and more! Finally, PermaDri products have tremendous elongation and recovery characteristics. Therefore, our coatings can adapt to surface and thermal changes without being damaged.

With the best team in the business- and the right team for you- we believe in creating profitable relationships with our agents, distributors, and contractor network. We hold our business relationships in high regard, and we hold our customers even higher. Contact us today to learn how PermaDri products can enhance your current projects. We look forward to doing business with you!

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