Rubber Coat ®

Rubber Coat ® is PermaDri’s brush-grade coating for all waterproofing and corrosion protection purposes. It is a modified asphalt emulsion that results in a rubberized membrane when cured. It is a cold applied, single component product that yields a membrane with excellent strength, elasticity, and adhesion.

Rubber Coat ® has impressive flexibility and can elongate up to 850% with 98% recovery. Therefore, it has the capability to accommodate for surface shifting and thermal changes without cracking. It is also self-healing, if punctured.

Rubber Coat ® is simple to apply, using a brush, squeegee, or roller and adheres to virtually any surface: wood, metal, foam, concrete, tile, and more!

Rubber Coat® contains no volatile organic compounds – thus greatly minimizing the risk of injury or harmful effects during application. It is an environmentally friendly waterproofing product that can be applied indoors and outdoors with conventional protective equipment.

Depending on thickness, temperature and humidity, drying time usually takes 24-48 hours.

Each coating is applied cold, so protective equipment is not required during application. PermaDri products contain no noxious odors or VOCs – making all coatings environmentally safe. You can even use them in fish ponds.

PermaDri products do not get brittle over time, do not deteriorate with prolonged exposure to water, and are impervious to many chemicals. Our coatings have tremendous elasticity and recovery; they can handle the expansion and contraction of buildings. PermaDri coatings will not sustain flame and are UV resistant. These features make PermaDri products perfect for waterproofing and corrosion protection applications.

Roof Tax Advantages

In most cases, roof maintenance coatings are treated as full write-offs  by the IRS versus re-roofing which is in the category of a capital improvement and thus subject to write offs over a 15 year period.

Brush Grade
  • Specific gravity (liquid) g/cm3: Approx. 1.0
  • Odor: None
  • VOC: Contains no solvents
  • Color: Brown to black
  • % solids (wt): 53-58
  • Viscosity, Brookfield, sp. #5, 20 rpm: 8000-9000
  • pH: 10-12
  • Color: Black
  • Specific gravity g/cm3: Approximately 1.0
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to most inorganic solutions. Not recommended for gasoline or other petroleum products. Consult Chemical Resistance chart for further information.
  • Biological resistance: ASTM E 154, ASTM 0412 Passed (> 90% original value)
  • Impact resistance: CSB37-GP-500 23oC, in-lbs Passed (168)
  • Water tightness after impact: Passed (no leakage)
  • Water tightness CGSB 37-GP-56: Zero Leakage
  • Tensile strength: ASTM 0412, psi 90
  • Elongation, %: 850
  • Accelerated weathering, ASTM G 155,0 412: Passed (No deterioration of film)
  • Tensile strength: Passed (> 90% original value)
  • Hardness, Durometer Type: 00 85-87
  • Salt Fog Corrosion, Steel ASTM D412: 1000 hours passing
  • Surface Corrosion ASTM D610: No Corrosion after 500 hours, 0.03% after 1000 hours
  • Adhesion to concrete ASTM C907: 111 PSI
  • Hardness ASTM D2246 50: Type A
  • Puncture resistance CGSB 37-GP-56: No perforations
  • Water Vapor Transmissions ASTM E96: 0.04

Rubber Coat® is a water-based, environmentally safe alternative to conventional hot-applied, solvent based and sheet membrane waterproofing systems. Since Rubber Coat® cures by evaporation, a minimum application temperature of min. 40oF (4.5oC) is required. Apply in thin coats. The product cures within 24-48 hours at 70oF (21oC) and 50% relative humidity, at a thickness of 40 mils (1mm).

For best results, surfaces must be dry and free of dirt, debris, oil or grease. Application is not recommended if rain is imminent, or in high humidity environments.

Rubber Coat® is applied between 20-30 ft2/gal (0.3-0.7 m2/litre) to produce a 40-60 mil (1-3 mm) protective membrane. Rubber Coat® dries to the touch within minutes at 70oF (21oC). Curing time will vary depending on temperature and relative humidity.


*Rubber Coat® is mildly alkaline. When applying this product observe appropriate safety precautions, wear gloves, eye protection and other suitable protective equipment. For further information please consult the product MSDS.

Rubber Coat® should not be applied when the ambient temperature is below 40oF (4.5oC). The uncured membrane may be damaged if frozen. Some surface base coats, such as coal tar are unsuitable for use with Rubber Coat®.

Please note that Rubber Coat® is not an aesthetic or decorative coating. It is an industrial waterproofing coating. The cured membrane will vary in color from black to brown depending on environmental conditions.


For industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid storage below 40oF (4.5oC). Please consult the MSDS before using Rubber Coat®.

MSDS/Factsheet: Download here