Corrosion Protection

PermaDri’s products provide a quick and easy solution for corrosion protection applications including: conveyors, storage tanks, chemical resistant liners (link to chemical resistance chart), and most structurally sound rusted metal surfaces. Our coatings prevent corrosion on new surfaces and stop corrosion on areas that are already corroded.

Rubber Coat and Mine Coat are easily applied using a brush or roller. The coating adheres easily to most metal surfaces and does not require a primer. The coating is cold-applied and safe for the environment since it contains no solvents or VOCs. If you are only trying to protect metal surfaces from corrosive soil environments, salts, or moisture then Rubber Coat is the solution for you. If you are trying to protect metal surfaces from other corrosive chemicals then Mine Coat will most likely be required. Acritech can be used as a colored top coat over Rubber Coat or Mine Coat.

Using PermaDri Coatings on Metal:

  • Corrosion Protection | PermaDri CoatingsIf the surface is already corroded, power washing is usually all that is required. All loose material must be removed and the metal must be structurally sound.
  • Clean new metal with vinegar or environmentally safe degreaser, then flush the surface with water to remove excess debris or residual oils. Allow the surface to dry.
  • No primer is needed. Apply Rubber Coat or Mine Coat using a brush or roller.  Apply Acritech if a colored top coat is necessary with a brush, roller, or industrial airless sprayer.
  • Allow the coating to cure 24-48 hours (NOTE: curing time varies depending upon application thickness, temperature, relative humidity, and air movement).

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