Agricultural & Food Grade Waterproofing

Permadri’s products provide an environmentally-friendly solution to numerous agricultural and food grade processing projects including: lining of fertilizer storage tanks, containment areas, liquid manure containment, corrosion protection for agricultural equipment and vehicle undercarriages, secondary waste containment, and corrosion protection for greenhouse systems.

PermaDri’s key performance points for the agricultural industry are:

  • Food Grade Waterproofing | PermaDri CoatingsOur coatings are highly impervious to many chemicals (link to Chemical Resistance chart)
  • PermaDri coatings are UV resistant.
  • They will not deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to water, or soil microbes.
  • Our coatings’ unique properties, when cured, enable it to be used effectively in standing water and continuously damp environments.
  • PermaDri coatings can effectively prevent or stop corrosion on many types of metal surfaces. Therefore, our coatings can assist with preserving the life of agricultural equipment by reducing the threat of rust.
  • Our coatings contain no toxins or VOCs: they are environmentally-friendly, safe to plants, and animals.

Agricultural Products:


Did You Know?

All PermaDri products are:
Free of Flammable Solvents Non-Toxic, Oderless and Water-based Excellent Strength, Elasticity and Adhesion.

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