Environmentally Safe Protective Products

Perfect for virtually any surface, PermaDri coatings create a seamless, highly flexible waterproof membrane that is easily brushed, rolled, or troweled onto surfaces.

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Depending on thickness, temperature and humidity, drying time usually takes 24-48 hours.

Each coating is applied cold, so protective equipment is not required during application. PermaDri products contain no noxious odors or VOCs – making all coatings environmentally safe. You can even use them in fish ponds.

PermaDri products do not get brittle over time, do not deteriorate with prolonged exposure to water, and are impervious to many chemicals. Our coatings have tremendous elasticity and recovery; they can handle the expansion and contraction of buildings. PermaDri coatings will not sustain flame and are UV resistant. These features make PermaDri products perfect for waterproofing and corrosion protection applications.

Roof Tax Advantages

In most cases, roof maintenance coatings are treated as full write-offs  by the IRS versus re-roofing which is in the category of a capital improvement and thus subject to write offs over a 15 year period.