PermaDri’s products are ideal for repairs and maintenance in the landscape industry. PermaDri coatings can be used for waterproofing on existing designs including: planter boxes, concrete ponds, fountains, and retaining walls.

Waterproofing ponds and other landscaping features has never been so easy. PermaDri coatings are simple to apply and create seamless, waterproof barriers. PermaDri coatings contain no VOCs and therefore provide a waterproofing solution that is safe for landscaping applications.

Please note that Rubber Coat® and Pond Coat® are not aesthetic or decorative coatings. They are industrial waterproofing coatings. The cured membrane will vary in color from black to brown depending on environmental conditions.

Did You Know?

All PermaDri products are:

  • Free of Flammable Solvents
  • Non-Toxic, Oderless and Water-based
  • Excellent Strength, Elasticity and Adhesion

Become A PermaDri Applicator

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